FERRALL-A-VENT Tuesday November 25, 2014

The Jets Are Pathetic But The Ravens Get it Done

How absolutely pathetic were the Jets last night against the Bills in Detroit in the Snow Bowl at Ford Field.  The final was 38-3 Bills, it was total domination.  It was as if the Jets didn’t even try.  I mean they literally did not try to play, did not try to win, did not try to score, did not try to run the ball, did not try to pass the ball, did not coach.  I mean, if that doesn’t get Rex Ryan fired nothing will.  He should have been fired when they were 1-8, you know, as just a sure thing that he was gonna get let go whether it was then or at the end of the season.  Now they’re 2-9 and his team’s tanking games.  You got to fire him.  Even if all the players are saying, “Oh yeah, we want Rex back.”  Here’s an idea.  How about they get rid of all the crappy players that don’t play hard and don’t deserve to be paid.  They shouldn’t have been paid for that game last night.  That was the worst NFL performance I think I’ve ever seen in my life in a football game in the National Football League.


The Ravens looked great.  They had to win that game in New Orleans and they did.  They won outright and they covered the 3 ½.  They stayed up to pace with everybody else in the AFC North.  Every team in that division has seven wins.


Everyone’s talking about the Pats and Packer game at Lambeau this weekend.  It’s the game of the week.  We’re talking about it tonight at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.  There’s 7 NHL games, 5 NBA games and I got 29 college basketball games on the board for you tonight.


Get my picks for tonight as well as all the college and pro football picks for this week.  There’s actually a college football game tonight to boot.  See you at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.  Have a great day and hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you get to where you’re going with your family and all the travels and the snow storm that’s supposed to hit the eastern seaboard on Wednesday.  See ya.

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