FERRALL-A-VENT Friday August 1, 2014

We’ll Talk About the College Football Rankings

How about a little college football tonight on a Pain Free Friday?  We’ll talk about the preseason poll that’s finally been released.  The coaches’ poll is out and Florida State is number one, then Alabama is two and Oklahoma is three.  A lot of people are questioning why the Sooners are so highly ranked.  Oregon is four, Auburn is five and then Buckeyes are six.  UCLA, how about the Bruins, they’re No. 7.  Michigan State is No. 8 and of course their coach Dantonio thinks that if they had a playoff last year the Spartans would have won the National Championship.  They were unbelievable, it was a great team they had in East Lansing in 2013.  South Carolina and Steve Spurrier is No. 9.  South Carolina even got a first place vote, so did the Buckeyes, so did the Ducks and Oklahoma got three first place votes but the Seminoles got 56 first place votes.  At No. 10 is Baylor, then Stanford, Georgia, LSU at No. 13, Wisconsin at No. 14 and USC is No. 15.  A lot of people, including Jerry Hinnen at thinks that the Trojans are gonna be great this year, we’ll find out.  Golson’s back at Notre Dame after being out a year and now they’re ranked 17th right behind Clemson.  Arizona State is 18 and a lot of people think they’re too highly ranked.  Ole Miss is 19, A&M without Johnny Football is ranked 20th, how is that possible?  Kansas State is 21, Nebraska is 22 but they haven’t mattered in a long time.  North Carolina is 23, meanwhile Duke was better than them last year but the Blue Devils aren’t even ranked.  How about Texas at No. 24?  They didn’t have one guy drafted in the NFL and they had a nightmare season last year and they were awful, but somehow they’re ranked this year?  You’ve got to be kidding me?  The Longhorns don’t even deserve to be mentioned, they don’t even deserve to be others receiving votes.  No. 25 is Washington with new coach, Chris Peterson.  So, we’ll talk about college football.


We’ve got a ton of baseball games tonight with a full slate.  They’re still reeling from the trade deadline.  We’ll set you up for the weekend.


Get my Friday snags and we’ll see at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.  Have a great day.  Shake it.

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