FERRALL-A-VENT Monday October 20, 2014

Peyton Is Unbelieveable!

You’ve got to admit Peyton Manning’s unbelievable.  He set the all-time touchdown passing record as he surpassed Brett Favre with the record last night in Denver.  Not only did the Broncos have that happen during the game where Manning was honored, but they blew out the 49ers, it was ugly, I mean they owned them.  You thought San Francisco was good until you saw them play in Denver against that team.  The fact of the matter is this team looks unbeatable in the AFC.  Who’s going to beat them, the Patriots?  Last year, the Broncos kicked their ass to begin with in the playoffs, and they’re not going to have a better record than Denver when it’s all said and done so Denver’s going to have home field.  I know they’re playing in New England next week after they play in San Diego on Thursday night.  That game doesn’t matter.  They’re still going to end up having home field in the playoffs.  The only team that might be able to dance with them I guess you could say would be Indy with Andrew Luck or some people might believe Baltimore or Cincinnati, but the Bengals never win a playoff game so how could you bet on them.


The Arizona Cardinals kept winning.  Dallas has won six in a row now.  How about Murray?  He’s got 100-yard games in seven straight games, that’s an all-time NFL mark to start the season.  Kansas City won in San Diego, that was huge.  Baltimore blew out Atlanta, 29-7.  Jacksonville won their first game.  Washington won on a last second field goal, they still stink though and they used Colt McCoy at quarterback and benched Cousins.  The Seahawks lost again as St. Louis beat them with two fake punts.  It was unbelievable what they did to them in the Windy City.  The Colts shutout the Bengals 27-0, how embarrassing for Cincinnati.  Green Bay rolled Carolina 38-17 at Lambeau.  Detroit won on a last-second touchdown over the Saints at Ford Field.  Miami won in Chicago, a huge loss for the Bears, they’re 0-3 at Soldier Field this year.  Buffalo wins on a last-second touchdown against Minnesota at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  It was an unbelievable day on Sunday in the NFL.


We’ll talk about all the college football from over the weekend including Notre Dame getting screwed at Florida State.  I don’t care what you say, if that was Florida State doing the same play, they wouldn’t have called it on the Seminoles.  We’re live 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio for the Texans and Steelers and one hockey game.


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