FERRALL-A-VENT Monday September 1, 2014

I Was Hot Over the First Weekend of College Football!

I hit 65 percent of my college football spreads on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday I gave you two free winners, Baylor over SMU and I laid 31½ and that number went even higher before kickoff to like 33 and I hit Tennessee minus 6 against Utah State.  A lot of people were on Utah State because over the last two years they’ve taken on a lot of big programs and beaten them, they’ve been great, but the Vols rolled on Sunday night and got it done and looked great in Knoxville.  Baylor opened up their new stadium and absolutely smothered SMU 45-0, they didn’t let them score at all and June Jones looked like he didn’t know what hit him on the sideline.  Going back to Saturday, I hit a ton of games for you including Penn State with their miracle win against UCF in Ireland, they were getting one and they win it by two.  I gave you Ohio State laying 13 and they won by 17.  I gave you Michigan against Appalachian State and I laid 34, I gave you Nebraska minus 23½, I gave you Notre Dame minus 21 against Rice and they rock and rolled.  I gave you West Virginia plus 27 against Alabama, how do you like them apples?  I hit the Auburn spread, the Georgia spread, the USC spread, the Mississippi spread and the Texas spread.  If I would have put up money lines on Saturday I would have hit so many games it would have made you sick, because I picked a ton of games, just who would win and we couldn’t get the number because Vegas didn’t put it up on the board so no spread means no game as far as I’m concerned, but I gave Mafia all these games and out of all of them literally I gave him 19 games and I hit 18 of them on the Money Line.  The only game I would have got wrong was Iowa State so I mean I’ve been on fire since Saturday, just know that.  Thursday and Friday I didn’t do well but Saturday and Sunday I kicked ass and took names so who’s laughing now?  (more…)

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