FERRALL-A-VENT Friday April 18, 2014

Relax People!! It’s Just One Game!!

I found it incredibly last night on the show that everybody was calling from these teams, their fan bases, and piking about teams losing a game in the playoffs.  Like the Flyer fans after they lose 4-1 to the Rangers.  They’re all in Philly calling me up saying they choked, they’re done, they’re finished, they were tied 1-1 and they blew, I mean they’re finished and their season’s over.  I’m like you got to be kidding me.  I mean it was one game!  Then I had the Chicago fans after they were up 3-2 and they lose 4-3 in triple overtime.  The Chicago fans, you’ve got to remember they just won two of the last three Stanley Cups.  Even the team that won all the cups have their fans just freaking out that it’s over because the Blues won game one in St. Louis and that the Blackhawks are doomed.  You got to be kidding me!  The Blackhawks are better than the Blues and that series is just getting started.  It’s a seven game series.  Then you have the Minnesota fans flipping out after they were up 4-2 in Colorado and lose 5-4 in overtime and the Wild fans are like oh we’re done, it’s over, we blew it, put a fork in us.  I’m like these are seven game series people, these aren’t one game series.  The home team’s supposed to win the first two and if the road team wins a game and they steal home ice, that’s a great thing. But if you don’t then you go home and then you have to win both of your home games and then it’s a three game series.  These games are just getting started and these series are just getting started.


Tonight we got Dallas in Anaheim and the Ducks are up 1-0.  We’ve got Montreal after they beat Tampa in Tampa and they own the series 1-0 so far and they were the only team to win on the road so far in the playoffs.  Then we also have Detroit at Boston in game one of that series after Detroit beat them 3 out of 4 this year but Boston has the best record in the NHL, the number one seed, the President’s Cup and they’re the best team in the East.  They’re at home at the garden in Beantown and it should be a great game.  (more…)

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