FERRALL-A-VENT Wednesday August 27, 2014

College Football Can’t Start Fast Enough!

I can’t wait to watch South Carolina and Texas A&M on Thursday night in Columbia, and I really can’t wait to see Darius English.  He’s unbelievable, he’s the guy that’s replacin’ Clowney for Steve Spurrier.  He was a former defensive player of the year in Georgia in the high school ranks and he played 13 games last year for the Gamecocks.  We’ll see if he can fill that role.  Believe me you, this guy’s gonna go to the NFL one day.


It’s gonna be great to see college football open up again, there’s great games all weekend long.  Florida State plays Oklahoma State, you know the National Champion Seminole’s are gonna be brutal every week to beat and they’re gonna be double-digit favorites in every game they play.  Watch out for Kermit Whitfield, their wide receiver, he’s not only great catchin’ the ball but he’s a great kick returner as well.  This guy’s gonna light it up.  He didn’t get it a lot last year, but he had a TD in the national championship game last year against Auburn and you can guarantee he’s gonna get it a lot this year.  I can’t wait to watch Jameis Winston play.  That’s gonna be an awesome game.  There’s other ones as well.  How about Georgia and Clemson?  I always love seein’ what the Bulldogs can do, especially with their great running back Gurley.  How about Ole Miss and Boise State?  I can’t wait to see Serderius Bryant, the linebacker, he’s nasty.  Last year he had 12 ½ tackles for losses.  We’ll see what Boise State’s made of, that’s a long trip for them to Atlanta to play that game Thursday night.  Even Baylor/SMU on Sunday should be interesting.  Bryce Petty’s a badass and he’s gonna throw the ball up and down the field, going vertical.  They got a great running back, Shock Linwood, this guy was a sophomore last year and he ran for 881 yards, he’ll go over 1,000 this year, and they’re opening up their new stadium, McLane Stadium at Baylor, that should be cool.  I think the best game’s gonna be LSU and Wisconsin and then Monday night you got the ‘Canes and Louisville as Miami hits the road for their first game under Al Golden.  We’re gonna preview every single game for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday tonight On The Bench at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.


We’ll watch all the baseball games tonight, 15 games on top.  There’s a couple day games as well.  Get my snags.  See ya On The Bench!

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