FERRALL-A-VENT Thursday December 18, 2014

The Great NBA Just Keeps On Coming

Last night’s game with the Grizzles and Spurs can’t be topped!  Memphis wins it on the road in San Antonio in triple overtime after Ginobli misses the last second shot.  That game was absolutely flat out incredible.  It was great drama.  Can you even imagine if that was a playoff game how good that would be.  I’ll tell you what, tonight though we got one on the books that’s going to be rock and roll in the East Bay with the Warriors, who had won 16 in a row before they finally lost, of course to Memphis on the road.  They’re taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight.  The Thunder of course have Durant and Westbrook back, are healthy finally and they’ve rattled off seven straight wins and they’ve covered in five straight games.  They’re getting three on the road here against the Warriors, “who seldom come out to play-ay”.  This is going to be an awesome game tonight.  I’m all for it!


Every single night it seems like we got killer games going on and you can sign me up for all of this kind of an agenda.  Pelicans and Rockets should be good as well.  There’s three great hockey games.  How about the Blue Jackets looking for eight straight wins?  They’re at home against the Caps.  The Blues play at Staples against the Kings, the Ducks and Canadiens are in Montreal, that’s going to be a killer match up as well.  In college hoops, we got Duke and UConn in Storrs with Duke laying 11.  We’re live at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sport Radio so you’ve got to join us On The Bench and get into the show.  I know you’ll dig it.


Hey look, the bottom line is how can Jim Harbaugh  turn down $50 million to go to Ann Arbor.  He’d make more than Nick Sabin by over a $1.2 million.  He’d be making more than any NFL coach.  He wouldn’t have the stress that the NFL where you go to three straight NFC title games and a Super Bowl and you still are going to lose your job.  How does that make sense?  The day you’re hired is the day you’re filed in the NFL.  You never have a chance to succeed even when you do succeed.  In college at Ann Arbor he’ll be a god.  I say take the gig Jimmy, get it done, go back to your alma matter.  See you tonight On The Bench.  Get my Thursday picks, my college bowl picks are out, my NFL week 16 picks are up.

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