FERRALL-A-VENT Thursday October 30, 2014

The Giants Are Champs Again!

Madison Bumgarner went into beast mode last night for the Giants in Kansas City in Game 7.  He wins 3-2 and the Giants take their third World Series in five years.  The guy comes in in the fifth inning and he was unhittable.  In the ninth, Gordon got the shot to center that went under the centerfielder’s glove, went all the way to the wall, the leftfielder botched the ball and Gordon makes it to third but they hold him up and Salvador Perez was the next batter and he couldn’t get anything.  He fouls off a ball toward third and the Kung Fu Panda made the catch, game over.   Bumgarner is the MVP as won Games 1 and 4 and saves Game 7.  The Giants have a dynasty in San Francisco, all they do is win championships.  Bochy is the first national league manager to win three World Series that quickly.  Everybody in the world thought the Royals were going to win Game 7 with all the trends (that nine teams had gone to that seventh game and eight straight had won it) but it didn’t matter.  The Giants took it and they get it done again, it was incredible.


Tonight’s going to be even better than last night.  You got Florida State at Louisville.  You have Jameis Winston on the road at Papa John’s and I’ll tell you what, Louisville’s got the No. 1 rated defense in the country.  You may have never seen them play or have ever heard of them, but they can play defense.  This is going to be a war tonight.  Plus, you’ve got the Saints coming off their big win over the Packers playing at Carolina against Cam Newton and the Panthers who have been struggling miserably of late.  There’s five NBA games.  LeBron James starts it off for the Cavs against the Knicks in Cleveland.  That’s going to be awesome to see how they look together.  Then you’ve got the NHL where there are 10 games including the LA Kings, the defending Stanley Cup champs, in Pittsburgh to take on the Penguins.


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