FERRALL-A-VENT Monday March 30, 2015

What A Great Elite 8!!

Let me tell you what, those games over the weekend and the NCAA tournament were unbelievable.  Kentucky slipped by Notre Dame after the Irish threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Wildcats. It came down to two free throws at the end of the game.  Then Notre Dame getting a chance with a desperation three from the corner by Grant, which was all air, but barely missed.  Notre Dame gave it everything and it was an unbelievable game.  It was a nail bitter, maybe the only game that Kentucky will see that was so dangerous, so close to them losing their perfect season.  It was just really fascinating basketball.  Mike Brey should be commended because his team was fabulous.  They were fun to watch in that game.  Really, only one turnover in 30 possessions in the second half which unfortunately for them was the turnover at the end of the game that led to them Kentucky at the line getting a couple of free throws.  It destroyed ‘em, but man, did Kentucky sweat it out and get lucky getting by Notre Dame I’ll tell you that much.  Then Duke, of course handled Gonzaga.  Gonzaga had the lead at 38-34 but then Duke just turned it to another level.  They just flipped a switch and kicked Gonzaga’s ass and ended up blowing ‘em out.  I just couldn’t believe how they ended up winning 66-52.  Michigan State’s game against Louisville was sickening.  That was a great game. You get overtime at the end of the regulation after Louisville could’ve won it at the free throw line, but their big man missed the free throw and Michigan State had a half court heave to try to win it.  That didn’t work, but they got it done in overtime 76-70.  Of course Wisconsin beat up on Arizona.  In the end, I mean they dominated the game and they won it 85-78. So we’ll talk about Wisconsin and Kentucky.  Can the Badgers knock off the Wildcats? Michigan State faces Duke, we’ll get into all of that as well.  The Final Four is Saturday in Indianapolis.  Of course we’ll also talk about Chris Mullin.  Is he taking the St. John’s job?  Everything tonight at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.


There are seven NBA games, six NHL games and one College Basketball game on a Monday.  Get my pics for Monday right here.

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