FERRALL-A-VENT Tuesday July 22, 2014

I’m in the Caribbean!

I’m heading off to enjoy the sun and sand and leg down in the Caribbean after going over 5 months straight without a day off of talking to you freaks!!  Everything will still be going on in full force while I’m away though!  The Bench will still roll on as Mafia & Shep give you some great fill-in hosts over the next week!  Amy Lawrence will hold down the Bench Tuesday 7/22 and Thursday 7/24 and John Jastremski will fill in Wednesday 7/23 and Friday 7/25!  So keep tuning in at 10PM ET/7PM PT on CBS Sports Radio for some great sports talk!

I’ll also be doing the picks EVERY DAY, so make sure to keep clicking on “Ferrall’s Picks” and get all my action while I’m away!  We’ll do MLB, UFC and anything else that peaks our interest like you read about!!

I’ll see you freaks on the 28th, which is right before the Ferrall-a-Birthday on the 29th so have my gifts ready for my return!  Check me out on Twitter and Instagram where I’m sure I’ll be sending out info from Paradise!

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