FERRALL-A-VENT Friday April 17, 2015

KB is a Cubbie

Absolutely nothing could be bigger than the Cubs/Padres game today at Wrigley Field on a Friday.  It’s going to be in the low 70s, perfect sunshine the house is going to be rocking and everybody knows why now.  The Cubs have finally called up their hitting sensation from the minors, Kris Bryant, the big hotshot third basement.  He’s coming up from Iowa after hitting .321 in the minors.  Thursday night against New Orleans and he hit one to the wall in right field in the fifth inning and it looked like it was going to go out, but the right fielder leaped to make a great catch.  Then an inning later he want deep in left with a ball that barely stayed fair.  This guy jacks homeruns.  He was the No. 2 overall pick out of the San Diego area in 2013 after leading all collegiate players in homeruns with 31.  He won the MVP of the Arizona Fall League, also leading all hitters in homeruns.  Then came his breakout season in the minors last year.  Then at spring training this year he was lighting it up for the Cubs, hitting better than anyone and the Cubs have a horrible third base situation this year so far.  Their batting average combined is .148, last in baseball.  They’ve had just four hits, last in baseball.  On base percentage, 27th in baseball, slugging percentage 28th in baseball.  It is time for Kris Bryant and let’s see what he does.  I know everybody in Chicago is excited and anyone that’s a baseball fan is excited.


Last night we saw the Rangers win over the Penguins by a goal, Detroit won at Tampa, Minnesota won at St. Louis and Winnipeg blew a lead in Anaheim as the Ducks pounced on it in the third and beat them by two goals.  So, road teams are doing very well in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Tonight again Ottawa is at Montreal, the Islanders are against the Caps in DC, Chicago won in double overtime in the first game and they play at Nashville again and Calgary won Game 1 in Vancouver and they go for it again in Game 2 tonight.  There are fifteen baseball games.  Two are day games and in one of them, Price is going for the Tigers against the White Sox.  We’re live at 10PM East/7PM Pacific on CBS Sports Radio.


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