FERRALL-A-VENT Friday October 24, 2014

I’m Hot and So is Denver!

I am hot picking college football winners.  I picked East Carolina to beat UConn, I picked Miami to beat Virginia Tech and I had the ‘Canes minus two and a half, then go back to Tuesday night where I had Louisiana Lafayette to win over Arkansas State and they did 55-40 and I had them getting points in that game so I double covered there.


On a Pain-Free Friday we got four college football games including South Florida at Cincinnati and Troy at South Alabama.  Then we have two really good ones with one of them on the blue turf, BYU at Boise State and then Oregon/Cal in the Pac 12 in Berkley.  That’s going be rocking.


How about the Broncos on Thursday night football and CBS?  They lit up the Chargers 35‑21.  That’s after they beat the Niners on Sunday and blew them out, 42-17 in Denver.  So then they take on San Diego who’s got a top 5 defense across the board in the league, the Chargers were tough.  But since, the Chiefs punched them in the throat and they lost that game to Kansas City in San Diego and then they turn around and lose this game to Denver and it was all about the Emmanuel Sanders show.  He had three touchdown catches.  Late in the second quarter he scored a 2 yarder from Manning and then a 31 yarder from Manning with 32 seconds left before the half and then in the third quarter at 10:53 left in the quarter he had a 3 yarder from Manning.  It was 21-7 Denver and then Jawan Thompson who came on my show last night on CBS Sports Radio, he had his first of two touchdowns, a 2 yard TD run and that made it 28-7 Broncos.  Of course, Gates had a TD to make it 28-14 and the Chargers come back a little bit but then Thompson again a 1-yard dive, 35-14 Broncos.  Gates had his second touchdown catch, a 10 yarder which made it 35-21 but they closed it out from there.  So the Broncos are 6-1, 5-0 at home.  They’re going to be the number one seed in the AFC and get to play all their games in Denver in the playoffs.  Count on that happening.


We’ll hit every college football game tonight On the Bench that’s going down on Saturday.  All of Sunday’s pain day games.  We’ll talk about all the big news, call us.


Get all my picks.  College and pros are all posted and sign up for a monthly and sign up for my newsletter.  See you tonight On the Bench on CBS Sports Radio.

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